We just rolled out a backend update to docs.com, which means you should be seeing improved performance and stability.  Backend updates rarely introduce new end-user features, but this update is an exception—so in addition to performance and stability, we are also adding support of multiple languages and spell checking.

We have a really large number of international users, so now you should also see the support of about 30 languages including: Polish, Chinese, German, Hebrew, and more!  You can create and open docs in any of these languages and if you can type in any of them on your computer then you can also type in them on Docs.com, including mixing multiple languages in one doc.

All of these languages now also get spell chicken. (just kidding. Spell Checking). Spell checking, best known from the desktop versions of Microsoft Office, is now readily available in the Word Web App on Docs.com.

We hope you are all enjoying Docs.com, and hope our new updates in performance, stability, languages, and spell checking- make Docs even more useful for you—and for those who want the details, check here.

– Andrzej Turski [docs]