Pat KinselBased on hundreds of ideas and suggestions from you, we’ve just released our most significant improvements to the usability and discoverability of docs.

As the fall approaches, many of your workloads will increase. With this is mind, we’ve continued to push Docs forward.

In particular, we’ve addressed two key shortcomings: the inability to organize your own docs and difficulties discovering other docs.

Tags: Organizing your own docs

It’s now easy to tag a document with any keyword. As a result, you can then sift through your own docs to find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, I’ve organized my docs with keywords like “,” “Example Docs,” etc. To see more, please feel free to check out the docs I’ve shared.

Tags: Discovering other docs

Tags help you discover docs in numerous ways. For example, when viewing your friends’ docs, you can drill down to see only those about a particular subject.  Or, when viewing your own docs, you can discover other docs about the same subject. To see an example, search for “”

To learn more about tagging, read .

Search: People, Pages, Tags

No matter where you are on, you can now search for people, pages and tags. If you’re familiar with how search works on Facebook, search on should be simple and intuitive. If you’re looking for docs authored by a specific friend or Facebook page, simply type the name and select the correct suggestion. If you’re looking for docs about a specific subject, type the subject and select the appropriate tag. This will show you all docs tagged with that subject. To try it, search for “Pat Kinsel,” “FUSE Labs,” and “”

Filtering/Sorting: Sifting throughout docs

No matter what list of docs you’re viewing, you can now sort by date, title and file type. Or, you can filter by criteria such as owner and tag.

These updates make it much easier to discover, create and share Docs with your Facebook friends. We hope you agree. And, as always, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Pat Kinsel

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